Suddenly I’m a Cookery Writer

What to do with our apples?

cinnamon sugar with London Times and chopping board

I have become a cookery writer, a role not totally suited to me as I know next to nothing about cooking. Still …

Last week I mentioned the bucket of apples from our garden Sue had picked and I had sorted. OK, I was going to write about it “tomorrow” but as we all know tomorrow never comes and things got in the way, so here we are.

the sugared apples in a baking tray

I must confess, most of the apples are still in a yellow bucket waiting for something to happen. But I did bake a tray of cinnamon apples which I’ve now eaten, and they were delicious. I say “I’ve now eaten” because no one else seems to have got any.

About the baking there’s not much to say. I found a recipe online, followed the recipe, sliced the apples and baked them for the requisite hour. I found the recipe on It’s basically:

  1. Heat the oven to 175 degrees C (350 degrees F if you’re one of those quaint Americans)
  2. Throw some cinnamon in a bowl with some sugar and mix it together
  3. Slice the apples, chuck the cinnamon sugar over them, shoogle it all up and shove it in the oven
  4. Pull it out 30 mins later
apples with cinnamon and sugar

If you ever want to make sugar more interesting just add some cinnamon, it works wonders.


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