Meet Goby, The Plastic-Collecting Fish

Goby the Fish is a positive way to engage kids in keeping our beaches clean.

This is Goby The Fish. I found him on a nicely-named web site called He – or she – lives on a beach somewhere, I don’t know where. Attached is a sign saying “Goby loves plastic, please feed him”.

Of course, the kids love it and feed him waste plastic regularly.

Maths can save endangered species: this is interesting – mathematics can save endangered species. How? It’s all to do with mathematical models. 

I remember listening to a radio report once about how mathematicians were solving traffic problems that had plagued an English town for decades. So you thought maths was a waste of time … bet you did! 

Olympic medals from e-waste: all the medals at the Tokyo Olympics will be made from materials 100% collected from donated electronic devices. Most people probably don’t realise what an issue e-waste is, apart from my loyal readers of course. 

with Cat Fletcher at Tech Takeback, Hove

Popped into the local Tech Takeback with my Asus iPad, very early version. It’s been sitting in one of our nostalgia boxes for at least two years, finally got round to doing something about it. Cat was telling me all about the sophisticated data shredding my Asus would

go through, and I’m thinking

“don’t have a clue what’s on this thing, but whatever it is, it’s pretty vintage”.

According to Tech Takeback unwanted electronics is the fastest growing waste stream around the  world. Taking your electronics here ensures a safe next life for unwanted electronics and saves valuable resources to be used again.

great quote


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