It’s Proven. Guilt Doesn’t Work! 

“Pride, Not Guilt Biggest Driver of Pro-Environmental Actions”


Just as I suspected. Finally the researchers have caught up with me. People respond better to pride than guilt. Guilt only works when you know your headmaster/ parents/ police force is standing behind the door keeping an eye on you.

Local Brighton cafe leads the way

Starting at home: local Brighton library cafe Temptation now offers its customers a free coffee if they buy an organic bamboo fibre cup, and double loyalty stamps if they bring their own cup.

Manager Nathan Bayliss finds customers want to change their habits. 

“We started selling eCoffeeCups toward the end of Jan and we’ve already sold 83” says Nathan.  “Customers really love the designs and also how practical they are. Plus, of course, they want an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cups. We also now provide recycling for paper cups which has had a fantastic response.”

Good on you Temptation.

———————————————————–Dear Planet,

Just two people feel optimistic??  

Not many people are optimistic about environmental issues. This is what I found when I Googled “green optimist”. Two people – in the world – who feel optimistic about our environment.

We have to improve things!

In this blog I’m focusing on what we can do about it, not what’s wrong with the world. So what encouraging news have I found this week? Lots of it …

Good news – you don’t have to be perfect

I count this as good news – no one’s perfect, and you don’t have to be either. Lindsay from Treading My Own Path admits to imperfection in her zero-waste lifestyle.

Other positive green news:

photo: Pexels

A group of scientists from Saudi Arabia are using something called ‘quantum tunnelling’ (no, don’t ask me what it is) to collect some of the millions of gigawatts of solar energy that fall to  the Earth every second. And apparently they are having some success.

More food outlets reduce their plastic footprint …

Dunkin’ Donuts is planning to stop using polystyrene cups by 2020,

Yes – Whoopee Zoom indeed!!

while drinks giant Pepsi has launched a fizzy drink in renewable BPA-free bottles.


I’m always fascinated when a whole city moves to sustainable energy, and it’s happening more and more. Denton, Texas, a US city of 130,000 is about to switch to 100% sustainable power and by 2020 will be running totally on solar and wind energy, making it the largest US city to run on renewable power. Link

Plastic news: Glastonbury Festival to ban plastic water bottles, while UK supermarket chain Morrisons follows Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco in ditching plastic carrier bags. Link



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