How To Fix A Coffee Grinder – Imperfectly

how to fix a coffee grinder

How to fix a coffee grinder, part two. The saga continues. Have I fixed the seal? No, but I have a good excuse – Sue said it wasn’t grinding properly. Ok, it’s gotten a bit lumpy but I compensated by adding a few seconds to the grinding time – rather like Beethoven might have turned up his hearing aid as his hearing got worse. That’s what blokes do.

Read about ‘how to fix a coffee grinder’ part one here.

But why does it matter?

Why not just throw it out and buy a new one?

Let’s change the deal with our retailers!

  1. All the parts except two are working fine. Even those two are repairable, so why throw the whole thing out? Even though we’ve only had it about three years supplier deLonghi no longer supplies the parts. Now is the ideal time to put sanity back into our consumerism. Let’s change the deal with our retailers!
  1. It’s electrics, and we don’t need any more electronic waste (‘e-waste’) – read here to see why.

I’ve always loved fixing things. Ah, things! Fixing your stuff says a lot about your relationship to the world around you. Are the things in your house just there to impress your friends? Would you rather keep things or replace them? Who does the fixing? Anyone? I’ll willingly pass on electrics, plumbing and replacing floors to someone more expert (although I have replaced, sanded and varnished floors in the past). But when it comes to small things like fixing a coffee grinder I like that to be me where possible.

When the power suddenly goes

So the coffee grinder’s sitting there on a high shelf, inactive since the power suddenly stopped working. I’m not sure I actually know how to fix a coffee grinder but I’ll have a go.

Is that blade actually removable?

Wait a second! The ghost of fixes past flashes through my mind. Leave it alone a while and power may mysteriously return. Just like me in my man-cave. I take it off the shelf and plug it in and – blow me down! – it’s back in action. Now I start to think about the blunted blade, and there it is – it’s actually removable. If it’s removable there’s a chance it’s replaceable as well …

the coffee grinder does come to bits

But Delonghi don’t sell that part any more. No sign of it on eBay. The repair cafés are shut due to Covid-19. 

There must be a way.

Some might have given up weeks ago if they had even tried. We’re conditioned to chuck-and-replace. But we don’t need to walk away from ownership of our own possessions.

It’s the joy of fixing your own stuff

I’m here to talk about the joy of fixing your own stuff. It’s like the joy of painting your house or servicing your own car. Or washing it (yeah, sure, like that’s me).

That afternoon: I put it on the trusty Hanover Community Notice Board and within the hour find a guy who sharpens things. But first I get out my sharpening block and have a go myself. 

Result! I show it to Sue and she approves. The coffee grinder is back in her good books. It’s back! I’m a bit concerned about that grinding blade so maybe I’ll get that looked at, but it’s back in service. I officially know how to fix my own coffee grinder.

More on repair: if you missed my last blog post read how I finally found a way to get around Apple’s distaste for anything more than a year old and get my wonderful Monster Beats headphones fixed for a reasonable price

Featured image by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash


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