Horsham Repair Cafe – Pam Comes To The Rescue

My green bag zip is fixed!

Pam saves the day

I finally paid a visit to the Horsham Repair Cafe . I nice lady called Pam, who makes all her own clothes (more or less) repaired the zip on my gym bag in approximately ten minutes. Until then I’d been dragging the bag around, hoping my gym kit and togs wouldn’t fall out.



Is this the way to safely wash microfibres?

Not only that, the wise Pam tells me I can filter microfibres (from my e-cloths) by washing the items in a silk bag. I haven’t tested this out yet. Apparently the microfibres can be 1/2 the diameter of fine silk, but now I feel sure a suitable material would do it.

I’d already found out about the “Guppy bags” (pictured above) Patagonia have started to sell so it won’t be long before more information surfaces on how we can make them ourselves. I’m sure Pam knows but I didn’t have time to ask her on this occasion.

Going to the repair cafe reinforced the idea that many things we buy from a manufacturer we could make ourselves given the time and the know-how. It doesn’t seem that hard to make a bag to hold one’s small laundry – it’s just I wouldn’t have a clue myself.

PC repairers look busy

The electronics guys at the Horsham Repair Cafe

There were an impressive bunch of guys with their meters out fixing PCs, electronics and various electrics. I’ve got an old iPhone I accidentally wrecked (won’t go into the details) so I’m planning to bring that along next month.

Refill service

There’s also a refill service for Ecover and other eco-friendly products, run by the local Quakers – just bring your own bottle and you can fill it for a reasonable price.



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