Falling Into Lockdown-Land: Time To De-Clutter Your Office?

Is your office a spaghetti-junction accumulation of things? Here’s a few eco-hints to keep it under control.

Things things things things things …

Being in my office all day due to Covid-19 I’m suddenly aware of just how many things pass through my life. Are you like me? Things to file, things to repair, junk mail to recycle … the list goes on. I mean, there’s only so much space.

Time to recycle your office? But how to deal with all these things? How do you meet this challenge? Well, as a natural accumulator as my wife will attest, here are my solutions. 

Before I start, a bit of philosophy. As in life, so with clutter. To truly have an eco-friendly office you need to offload stuff you don’t need. De-clutter your office! There’s the easy way – bin it – then there’s the right way. Most of us are so busy with our jobs, our families, our lives we don’t have much time or energy left to keep things in use and reduce the burden on our overstretched planet. 

Our economic system urges us to keep busy and reward ourselves with yet more stuff, which helps the economy. But in 2020, with nearly 8 billion humans on the planet and junk everywhere, things have to change. Come on, you know that!

Thoughts when confronted with yet more stuff …

  1. “I’m throwing it away” 

Why? Can you give it away? Can you sell it? Can you use it in some way? Can you recycle it? Can you up-cycle it? 

  1. “I’m keeping it” 

Where are you going to put it? In a pile with all the other random stuff you’re never going to look at?

Find a home for it and put it there. In my case this could be a drawer, a plastic Really Useful box with a clip-on lid or a shelf. The main thing is, it’s a space you’ve made where you can keep this and all the others like it that come your way.

  1. “I’m giving it away” 

Great! Do it then. Do it right now. If I’m feeling too busy or too lazy I take a photo of it and email it to myself which I file in my ‘to-do’ email folder. Then I put it in my car boot (ie trunk) so it will annoy me into taking action, plus it’s finally out of the office.

  1. “I putting it all in a car boot sale” 

Yes, could work for you but where are you going to store it all meanwhile?

Two great alternatives operating in my area of Brighton, UK. Maybe you have similar services near you: 

  1. Magpie Cooperative will take your useful but unwanted stuff for a modest fee and redistribute it to someone who needs it. They even have a store aptly named Shabitat where you can drop off your pre-loved stuff if you’re passing by (once the Covid-19 crisis is over of course) 
  2. Your local Freecycle ( Just advertise and someone will probably pick it up from your house (once the Covid-19 crisis is over)


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