10 things you should know about climate change

  1. The average temperature of the Earth is rising at nearly twice the rate it was 50 years ago. Climate scientists overwhelmingly agree that this trend cannot be explained by natural cycles alone [1]
  2. The human contribution to climate change is the result of greenhouse gases (GHGs) escaping into the Earth’s atmosphere [2]
  3. Most greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuels in cars, buildings, factories, and power plants.
  4. Climate change effects include rising average temperatures, extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas, and a range of other impacts.
  5. The gas responsible for the most warming is carbon dioxide or CO2. The problem is made worse by the loss of forests that would otherwise store CO2.
  6. Humans have increased atmospheric CO2 concentration by more than a third since the Industrial Revolution began. An increase in CO2 is caused by human activities such as deforestation, land-use changes, and burning fossil fuels.
  7. Methane is a major greenhouse gas released from landfills, natural gas and petroleum industries, and agriculture (particularly from the digestive systems of grazing animals).
  8. Nitrous oxide is a powerful greenhouse gas produced by the use of commercial and organic fertilizers, fossil fuel combustion, nitric acid production, and biomass burning [3]
  9. Nitrous oxide is also produced by gases used for refrigeration and industrial processes
  10. Rice cultivation and the beef industry are major producers of methane in the atmosphere.


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