Buying Organic Fruit And Veg – Ten Good Reasons


Most of us have thought about buying organic fruit and veg. Maybe you’d like to but you don’t think you can afford them. You’d probably be surprised that these days organic is as cheap or cheaper than non-organic. So here are ten good reasons to buy organic:

  1. Helps reduce pesticides – organic farming methods avoid pesticides so keeping them away from our waterways and wildlife
  2. Reduces food miles – buying organic fruit and veg often means buying local and that helps climate change by reducing ‘food’ miles. Find a local delivery for fruit & veg
  3. Maintains fish stocks – if you buy sustainably-managed fish (ok, not sure this counts as organic but it’s a good idea. You can find out which fish are sustainably-managed from a guide such as the Good Fish Guide (
  4. Helps local communities gain control over how food is produced, traded and consumed. Support the food sovereignty movement ( includes more reasons to buy organic)
  5. Helps reduce deforestation and the effects of climate change – eating less meat and buying organic fruit and veg stops trees being cut down. Check out Ethical Consumer on the benefits of a non-meat diet   (
  6. Avoids palm oil in food products, and helps us keep forests across the world for future generations ( to buy organic
  7. Connects you with Nature – growing our own organic produce connects us with Nature, reducing transportation (fossil fuels) and improving your diet
  8. Reduces the use of nitrates – these end up in our streams, rivers and oceans where they affect sustainability 
  9. Reduces food waste – did you know that 30% of food in the developed world is wasted? Buying organic fruit and veg means that “ugly” fruit is less likely to be thrown away
  10. Reduces pollution from pesticides – by buying organic fruit and veg you reduce the amount of pesticides causing pollution to the environment and also causing serious health issues to farm workers around the world (

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