Big News! I’m Now Officially An Activist

The South East Climate Alliance (SECA) is born.

All I did was turn up to one meeting and  next thing I know I’m volunteering for all sorts. Now I’m in the South East Climate Alliance (SECA) – Facebook group

What is SECA?

Fourteen groups spoke inspiringly at an SOS Climate Emergency meeting that spawned the Alliance, and more than 126 people attended, filling the Unitarian Church in Horsham. This included three ten-year-old friends from a local school, there to remind us they are depending on us for action!

From this came South East Climate Alliance (SECA), a coalition of ‘green’ groups in the South East of England. 

Our first action will be to support numerous affiliated green groups in the drive for local councils to Declare a Climate Emergency.

According to Climate Emergency UK 20 councils have already either declared Climate Emergency or plan to, including my own Brighton & Hove

With local elections in May we are hoping to get many more councils to declare a Climate Emergency – and we know many will. 



  • Well done Clive for becoming an activist, it has a slightly negative connotation for some, but it is what is needed now, no time to ponder, action, action, action. And that is what you are doing, thanks for all your help with Sussex Green Living and the South East Climate Alliance, your support is invaluable!

  • Well I’m a different sort of activist now than I was. As you know Carrie we all have to become activists now, every one of us. No way can we leave this to our democratic leaders and industry.

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