Battery Powered Cars – Now Who’s Laughing?

apologies to Ernie

Carmaker Volvo has fascinated the world by announcing yesterday that all Volvos launched from 2019 will have an electric motor. Wow! That’s a world away from the beloved Volvo tanks I used to own in byegone days.

This is what I call a real car

Meanwhile car-making giant VW has unveiled its all-electric research car with a range of 250km and even robots that charge it. How futuristic is that?

Toyota made the commitment some years ago to move all its vehicles to hybrid technology. I thought this was a brave mood because after all, the future may be pure electric rather than hybrid.

Of course you could get it to drive itself like car-sharing Uber is doing.

Stanford university predicts all new vehicles will be electric by 2025. That’s not far away.

So pretty soon we’ll all be struggling to find a petrol station but there will be more and more electric charging points. Just hope I won’t get stuck in a queue of greenies all desperate to juice up at the one charging station that’s not in use.


Once something like this starts to gain momentum it can really accelerate as more and more corporations and entrepreneurs rush to get in on it.

It wasn’t that long ago when ideas like renewable energy, let alone family cars were considered the domain of the crazy hippie. If any had said even twenty years ago we’d all be driving electric cars in 2025 you’d have to ask them what they’d been smoking.

Now we’ve got people like Elon Musk selling electric powered Tesla sports cars. It would be a brave person who laughs at the idea of battery powered cars now.




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