Are You Zen Eco-Positive?

What Is Eco-Positivity?

Eco-positivity is the belief that a positive attitude is the best way to fix our environmental issues. Our environmental problems are basically a result of our long-term mismanagement of our own environment and eco-positivity recognises the power of positive thinking in solving this.

What Is Zen Eco-Positivity?

‘Zen’ eco-positivity adds Zen eco-power to eco-positivity. Zen eco-positivity is:

    • the power of science & technology
    • consumer power
    • people power
    • Zen eco-power

We have the Power!

What Is Science & Technology Power?

Zen eco-positive sci-tech power recognises the power of science and technology in helping us resolve our environmental problems and get our planet back in balance so future generations can enjoy the best it has to offer. We live in a golden age of science and technology and we must learn to use technology for our common good.

What Is Consumer Power?

Zen eco-positive consumer power gives us the awareness that …


Not the government, not the big corporations, no-one else but us! You and I have the power to spend our dollars where we believe they should be spent. This is summed up by this beautiful quote from Anna Lappé:

Anna Lappé is eco-positive

A Zen eco-positive consumer doesn’t waste energy blaming others for their choices. It all starts with “I”. A Zen eco-positive consumer changes the world by gradually changing the buying choices he or she makes.

What Is People Power?

People power is when we all get together and things happen. That’s how miracles can happen – and we all need a miracle! When people get together and decide to do things differently it can change everything. Check out The Good News Network for examples. 

What Is Zen Eco-Power?

Zen eco-power is when we start to realise – it’s us! You and I are at the centre of our world, looking out on a stunningly beautiful natural world. It is up to us to tend it with the love it deserves, and pass it on to our children better than we found it. All this is possible, but we have to get back in touch with Nature.

Do we really want to pass on this Earth to our children and grandchildren in a dirty, unsustainable shape? Of course not. But we have to believe change is possible and start to make changes so this doesn’t happen.

Zen eco-power is summed up by this quote from British nature conservation icon Sir David Attenborough:

David Attenborough is eco-positive

You don’t protect what you don’t value, and you don’t value what you’ve never experienced.

So get out there into nature. Be Zen eco-positive! And especially make sure your children do too.


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