8 Great Eco-Blogs Too Good To Miss

Today I’ve decided to do a round-up of some eco-blogs I love the look of, and a few I just couldn’t leave out.

  1. treading my own path

    Treading my own path – names like this appeal to me. Various great ideas from Perth, Australia. I liked the look of this one:


2. The zero-waste chef We all love food. He’s just blogged on how to make your own tahini, mind you I didn’t know tahini was still ‘in’. Beautiful photos alone worth a look. Here’s an intriguing one:

Homemade Tahini

3. My Plastic Free Life – no points for originality of blog name, but she made up for it with this humdinger of a title:

The Beach Doesn’t Care Whose Fault It Is

Written by none other than Beth Terry, author of the book Plastic Free: How I Kicked The Plastic Habit, and How You Can Too

web urbanist: human trafficking

4. Web Urbanist – this is one of the most interesting blogs I have come across. Here is a fascinating post on murals with a (mostly environmental) message:

5. Inhabitat – have to include this one really.

6. And since homemade soap looks so offbeat, colourful and interesting, The Soap Bar has to be in my list

7. Guardian Sustainable Business has to be in there too

And finally, 8. Greenprophet – eco-blog with a Middle East focus



  • Thank you for including My Plastic-Free Life! Originally, I name my site “Fake Plastic Fish,” after the Radiohead song, “Fake Plastic Trees.” But Google thought I sold aquarium supplies. So I changed the name to something boring but Google-friendly. I think the sacrifice was worth it because more people are able to find the site, but I do miss the old name. 🙂

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