Ten Eco-Positive Ways To Save The World


Faith in humanity can be the healing change we are looking for

Doom, gloom, groan, climate change panic! Surely there must be another way – and there is.

This is not another call for you to recycle more, stop eating meat, live in a yurt or start making your own clothes.

But especially it’s not all about doom and gloom. It’s about faith in humanity, and our amazing ability to find solutions to difficult problems. Yes, protest has a part to play in this, but it’s only one part. How about we all lighten up on the pessimism?

In this season of goodwill, when trees are decorated with lights and the whole country seems to become that little bit more forgiving, what better time to share my eco-positive “shopping” list?

So here it is:

  1. Set your sights high. “Solving climate change “ is simply putting right what we humans have messed up through our own actions. Resolve that nothing less than a 100% sustainably managed world is acceptable. It is perfectly possible and nothing less will do.
  2. Throw money at research and development. Or get the government to, or business, or venture capitalists, or someone philanthropic like Bill Gates. Science and technology is constantly finding new and exciting ways to live more sustainably on the planet. The more we support this the more it can deliver. Just a sample: this year R&D has given us lab-grown meat , a possible river-sized vacuum cleaner from Dyson, a “moss” tyre that cleans the air .
  3. Support promising green startups. Like this one for compostable straws. Or how about electric-powered aviation
  4. Stop being such a consumer, become more frugal. Some of our environmental problems are caused by political inaction (at best), some by archaic business practices, but much of it is simply having so many people on the planet. We can no longer afford to be gas-guzzling consumers, that’s the bottom line. Do your research and invest your money (shop) in what you most believe in.
  5. Lobby your government. Lobby your government to make changes that support a sustainable world. And if you are lucky enough to live in a world where you can safely do that, be grateful. Not everyone does.
  6. In fact be grateful anyway. Look at the beautiful world we have inherited, learn to love it deeply and resolve to pass it on to our children and grandchildren better than we found it – aim high! 
  7. Invest in the circular economy. The ‘circular economy’ is a zero-waste business environment. It will take time to develop but the Circular Economy offers tremendous hope – and opportunity – for the future of commerce. Find out about it, believe in it, support it and promote it. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation promotes the Circular Economy, as do many large companies worldwide.
  8. Take it slow. It’s taken us hundreds, if not thousands of years to get to where we are. Let’s be more forgiving – of ourselves and others. Each small change you make to ‘green up’ your lifestyle adds up until one day you’ll look back and marvel at how you used to be, and how much you’ve changed for the better. Try a little bit often, it works.
  9. Be the change you want to see. Make small but regular changes to your shopping habits and your lifestyle, avoiding items you know are destructive and pursuing those you know are safer. It all starts with ‘me’.
  10. Be positive. Focus on what you can change, and not just all that’s wrong in the world. Don’t be cynical, have faith in our collective desire for a clean and better world and our ability to make it happen. Know what a beautiful and bounteous world you live in and learn to treasure it.

Every time you buy something you are voting for the kind of world you want – Anna Lappé

Every one of us has a personal responsibility make changes in our lives to help heal the Earth, to tread lightly on it and to ensure it is worthy to pass on to our children, our children’s children and future generations. This is true love. I can’t promise you will change the world. But do these things and you will truly be part of healing the Earth, now and for those yet to come with whom we share it.



  • This is great Clive. But where is the international didcussin? We have just had the follow up to the Paris Talks in Poland. The COP 24. The UN is active here too. Maybe lobbying Government could be to honour the Paris Agreement which the UK signed. Perhaps we can focus on the big areas they identified as critical: Energy, agriculture, transport. Lobby plus make our individual choices for lifestyle change which you are really onto.

    • Good points Caril. I’ve never personally done much lobbying but maybe that’s something I can look into. Can you suggest any groups I can look at that do lobby for environmental causes?

  • I love number 8! I’m constantly reminding everyone that small things matter! If we all do just a little bit, it can make a big difference.

    • I agree Kaylee. It seems we sometimes find it hard to understand why small actions on a personal level can help, but they can.

  • Excellent post. Love that Anna Lappe quote. I also strive to live by the motto be the change…and just try to be a better citizen of the planet and more engaged and more aware with each passing year. Always more ways to improve though so thanks for this inspiration! ☺️

    • Thanks Eco Friendly Mama. I do believe we all have our part to play in looking after our planet and it starts with ‘me’.

    • Well I’m not personally very tuned into government activism but I’m hoping to get more involved in parliamentary lobbying. If it works and it’s peaceful, why not?

  • Being grateful is so important. We all need to be reminded that we only get to live this life once. Be grateful for being alive and in your ability to be kind to the earth.

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